The Painting by Kalo Frida “Two Frida”

The Painting by Kalo Frida “Two Frida”

This surrealistic self-portrait was written in 1939. It was executed with the help of oil on canvas 5’9 “x 5’9”. Now he is in the Museum of Modern Art. Mexico City.

This image of her “reality” painfully portrayed in one of the most famous paintings of Kalo “The Two Frida” (THE TWO FRIDAS). Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954) was legendary in the world of beauty. whose life and art paintings fueled interest in Mexican art. Having suffered poliomyelitis at the age of six. Frida experienced an almost fatal outcome at the age of 18. who pressed her spine and pelvis. Despite 32 subsequent operations before age 26, Kahlo did not fully recover, but remained suffering from chronic pain for the rest of her life. It is noteworthy that Frida learned

to draw during her initial recovery, and almost three decades. as a result of which she wrote about 200 works.

In 1929, she became engaged to a Mexican artist, Diego Rivera (Diego Maria de la Concepcion Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera at Barrientos Acosta at Rodriguez), known for his frescoes of the Mexican Revolution. Conflicts in their turbulent and changeable relationships were obvious even. He alone leads the drawing tools, although each was an experienced artist. Kahlo depicts himself exclusively as a traditional wife. foreshadowing her lifelong struggle between this Mexican persona and her role as an artist. Frida Kahlo’s paintings are almost exclusively small, self-portraits. in which she wears traditional Mexican clothes and surrounds herself with attributes associated with superstitions and folklore beliefs. The style of painting Kalo includes her continuing passion for colonial and pre-Columbian art, the Mexican folk imagery (folk images.

Pictures of Frida are easily identifiable. but to challenge its stylistic classification, famously tried AndrĂ© Breton. who is the father of surrealism. In 1938, he called Kalo “a natural surrealist.” Kahlo said that she never writes on her canvas her dreams, she paints her own reality. Despite its resistance to the label of Breton. he

I wrote

an intro on the catalog of her work in New York.

Differences in two Freeds on canvas

During her divorce from Diego in 1939. Kahlo claimed that he loved the Mexican Frida. dressed in a traditional peasant blouse and skirt on the right flank, but not European Frida, who sits on the left in the Victorian. or even a European outfit.

Two women are united through their joint hands and the only artery whose blood flow goes from Mexican to European Frida.

Actually. The hearts of Fried are connected with each other by a common vein. which is then terminated by surgical mites. which Frida in a white dress holds (we can see it on the canvas). Another Frida. which wears a traditional Mexican dress keeps an amulet with the image of Diego. European Frida – a woman despised – grabbed tongs and tried in vain to stop the flow of blood. running to their hearts and connecting them Rivera. These are detailed. the wooden hearts do not leave ambiguity about the pain of Kalo over the break with the River and the breakdown of their marriage.

This self-portrait shows her two images to show her two personalities. She also noted that the second Frida had been an imaginary friend since childhood, but the canvas also highlights the pain she feels and suffers emotionally because of the divorce.

Next year. however, she and River reconciled and Kala again married.

Frida Kahlo became his patroness. as she portrayed both in love Embrace of the universe.

Unfortunately, she died only five years later.

The background of the picture is a gray, stormy sky. which is intended to refer to the sadness and confusion of Frida. Two Frida hold each other’s hands. to mean. that she was really at ease.

The Painting by Kalo Frida “Two Frida”