Composition on the Miroshnik picture “Old house in the village of Medvedev”

In the picture we can see an old wooden house. He’s already pretty shabby, as he has seen many things in his time. It is made of dark wood, which gives it coziness. On snow-white snow, the sun rays play in different colors. Around the house a dark wall of trees rise, in the rays of the ascending, their silhouettes seem especially bizarre. The artist tried to convey the atmosphere of a frosty winter morning. And I think he did it. This picture causes me a lot of pleasant emotions.

Konstantin Miroshnik and Natalia Kurguzova-Miroshnik are unusual painters, they write all their pictures together. Together they define the theme of the future canvas, collect the material together, work together. The talent of each of the artists has its own original shades, which, when combined in a single work, acquire a very special sound. Young masters have different visions of color, their artistic manner of writing is not similar. But in creativity, as well as in life, the spouses complement

each other, forming a single whole.

Features of landscape art of artists with sufficient fullness are revealed in the picture “House in the village of Medvedev” in 1999. This work is of particular interest, since in it the motives of Central Russian nature close to the masters received a strict, almost epic interpretation. Again I dream at night The road through the garden. Old trees creak And boughs bang. Again I see at night An empty morose house. Crows are overweight crying, Choking snow with a wing… (G. Frolov) The walls of the old house – “witnesses of human destinies” – store the echoes of the past life. But now he is abandoned and empty, time has stopped for him, the tall windows are filled with darkness, the platbands are powdered with snow. Contemplation and imagery in the landscape get along together, and the house, like a living being, addresses us with a dumb question.

A little sad mood of the uninhabited rural landscape is determined by the special rhythm of the life of the Russian outskirts, where in old age the old generic nests live out their silence. Looking at these wooden, filled with a special shy nobility, the building in our hearts invariably begins to sound sweet and aching nostalgia, motives of regret for the old times, memories of childhood, about the father and mother, about the native places. Natalia and Constantine managed to transfer their admiration to the canvas with the measured way of village life. In this picture they sang the anthem of the uniqueness of the Russian province.

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Composition on the Miroshnik picture “Old house in the village of Medvedev”