Summary of “June 31”

In the small kingdom of Perador reigned King Meliott. They submitted to the kingdom of Arthur.
In their kingdom, everything is very quiet and peaceful. The king has a daughter, Princess Melicent. She is the heiress of the king. For days she and her maid of honor Ninet and Alison embroidered or listened to the music of the court musician Lamison. Girls are bored with such boredom. They wanted to have fun. The wizard Malgrim gave the princess a magic mirror for a while. In this mirror, the person who thinks about you was displayed. The girl saw a guy named Sam. He was interested in her and now she only thought about him. As it turned out, Sam did not live in Perador. Melisent sent Dwarf Gumet to Malgrim, that the wizard would help her to meet Sam.
The king learned about this and announced his daughter sick, Malgrim – a charlatan, and a dwarf – a drunk. Jarvi’s physician came and appointed her drugs, and left for Camelot, the residence of King Arthur.


one advertising agency, workers create a sketch for advertising stockings. An artist named Sam Penton created a portrait of Princess Melisenta of Peradorska for advertising. He was very keen on the work, and Melisent became for him the girl of his dreams. Sam thinks he’s being watched by a dwarf. The staff began to chuckle at him, because there is no dwarf here. Sam says that today is June 31. The guys call the doctor. This doctor is very similar to the doctor from the kingdom. The doctor decided that he had hallucinations and attributed it to him. At the same time, in front of everyone, a dwarf steals a portrait and disappears.

Stranger Sam really liked the princess. She tells about him Ninet. The dwarf still has not returned. The Wizard offers an exchange. At one time, the wizard Merlin gave the king a gold brooch. If she gets it, he’ll help her meet Sam. Suddenly the old man Marlagram appeared. He was Uncle Malgrim. He said he would help the princess, and Malgrim summoned him to a match. The younger magician arranged with Ninet to obstruct the meetings of Sam and Melissa.

Sam went to the

bar to relax a little. There he meets the skipper of the Planet. The dwarf enters the bar. He can only be seen by Sam. Suddenly, another person appears. He introduced himself as an illusionist Malgrim. He says that the princess exists, the truth lives in the twelfth century.
The wizard decides to help the guy. I also took a drunk skipper with me. All go through the wall.

The head of the agency is at a loss. The drawing was lost, and with it the artist. The office is being repaired and a large number of drills create a huge noise, and then there’s the rat, it’s not clear where it came from. And then a beautiful girl with a medieval costume appears in the office. She says she is Princess Melicente and in love with Sam, and the rat is Malgrim. The chief decides that this is some kind of model and sends it to the screen test. From the cabinet, someone could hear a squeak. Being very evil, he looks in this closet and disappears. Two more employees disappeared behind him. Then Dr. Jarvis opens the closet, but besides the shelves with the books nothing else is found.

Sim was in the kingdom. He lost the wizard and Plunket, but met Nineth. She tried to deceive him. She said that the princess is stupid, and she is the most suitable candidate for him.
Malgrim told the king that a certain Sam, whom his daughter wanted, appeared in Perador.
The guy was found and sent to prison.

Ninet and Malgrim won. Sam and Melicent will never see you again!

And the transfer of “Discussion live” accidentally fall Mlagram and Melisent. Guests must answer different questions. Marlagram says something to the presenter, and the princess worries about Sam. She learned from Marlagram that he was in prison and was running from the transfer. She goes to the bar where Sam is missing.

Plunket enters the dungeon. He goes to the captain of the guards and came to help the guy. Also the skipper hid the chief of the advertising agency. Marlagram enters the dungeon. He said he would help Sam meet the princess. But when the wizard left, his nephew played a cruel joke.

Malgrim appeared in the bar “The Voronoi Throw”. There he saw his uncle. Melisenta appeared. Next to her is an employee of the agency, whose name is Philip. Marlagram takes the princess and disappears.

The king accepted Plunket and Dimmock (so call the chief of the advertising agency). They offer to do some innovations in the kingdom, but Meliot did not understand them and ordered them to be thrown into prison.
Malgrim and Ninet included in the room. The wicked wizard takes guests, and the girl persuades the king to stay with him the-and-so. A minute later comes Marlagrant and Melisent. Father said that tomorrow the knight tournament will take place and the winner will take the princess to himself. A girl asks for help from an old wizard and promises to thank Merlin’s brooch. Marlagram said that the kingdom is moving two troubles: the red knight and the dragon. Who wins the knight tournament and kills the dragon, he marries a beautiful woman. The king did not contradict the words of the wizard, since after his words a thunder broke out.

Sam spent the whole night in prison. There goes a sorcerer with a princess. He told the whole story with the tournament. In a word, Sam is terrified.

In the morning he prepares for a duel, but Ninet replaced his armor for old trash. In addition, Sam was sent a barmaid from a bar in London, that she would give him a beer, from which Sam would become weak.

The battle began. The red knight presses Sam, but when they got into the tent and were alone, the knight took off his armor and head, and there. Planket! It turns out that Malgrim turned a friend into a red knight.

In a tent where there are no spectators, they played a battle in which, of course, Sam won. He takes out the head of the red knight. He was knighted. Remained fighting with the dragon.

Sam had a choice: to leave, because he was already free or fight with the dragon, that would get the opportunity to marry the princess. Sam chose the fight. Melissent brought Sam a book, which describes everything about the dragons.

And in the glade Plunket looks after the dragon. True, this is not exactly a dragon. This is Dimmok, whom Malgrim turned into a dragon. The boss asks Sam to find a wizard that he will be returned to his former form. He promises to introduce him to the board of the firm. To create the appearance of fighting the Dragon, the Dragon Dimmoke swallows half of Sam’s sword. Sam with Plunket, who liked Anne, go after the wizards, and Dimmok in the image of the Dragon dictates a letter to Peggy’s secretary.

The princess was gone. The king raised everyone to her search. Sam noticed that among all the missing Ninet and Malgrim. Marlagram gives advice to go into prison.

In the dungeon, Sam fell and woke up already in London. He saw a scene in front of him, congratulating the winners. Lead Malgrim declares the winner Melicente. She says she wants to be with her lover. Sam runs to her, but stumbles on a fish seller. A fight broke out. The seller hit Sam so hard that he lost consciousness. Sam opens his eyes and realizes he’s in the police. The inspector dismissed the hooligans.

Sam is in a bad mood. He just walks around the city and then a taxi stops. In the car is the princess.

In the morning, the wizards sum up their competition. Here comes Sam, Plunket, Melicent and Dimmock. Young people want to get married. Sam must ask for the daughter’s hand at the king’s. Dimmok with wizards already plans to open a business in this world.

The wedding table connected two worlds. But the noise of the drills seriously hampered, then Marlagram invited all the guests to the kingdom, that they would rest a little.

Sam and Melicent decided that they would live in both worlds.

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Summary of “June 31”