Composition on “Sports”

Sport is a word familiar to everyone. Sports to do – live and smile. He who loves sports is healthy and always cheerful. Sport, air and water are our true friends. You are not afraid of the cold, if you are friendly with the sport. All these proverbs about sports, which really helps us in life. He hardens the body, strengthens not only the immune system, but also the muscles.

There are many types of sport. Beautiful and graceful, such as: artistic gymnastics and figure skating, synchronized swimming. There are mobile and funny: football and hockey. And as a sport, in which logical thinking is very necessary, it is a sport called chess. Of course, I did not name all sports. To all of them remember and list it will take more than a day. But I like the above types the most. Some of them came to us from the past centuries and centuries, and some have appeared quite recently, but millions of people have already been interested in it. I really like to go in for sports. Sport is

my life. I’ve been doing it since childhood. And he helped me a lot in my life. He developed in my character very good traits, such as: perseverance, discipline, endurance, will power, patience, honesty and many others. So sport helped me to strengthen my health and stand out from the crowd. It is a pity that people in our time spend very little time in sports halls, they prefer to go to the club, sit at a computer, watch TV, without thinking, how this can affect their health. So, if you want to stand out among your peers, you just have to go in for sports. The result will not keep you waiting, Not only will you be respected, take an example from you, so you will also significantly improve your health. Sports educates and teaches a person only good. Everybody should love sport on the planet. This is not just a hobby, for some it is the meaning of life. Such people will live a very long time, and they also have a very fascinating, diverse and interesting life. They come to competitions in different cities and countries. They get acquainted with new people, worry, lose, win. Upset, rejoice, proud, disappointed, these
are all the moments are very diverse, but unrepeatable. Such people have a lot of memories. Their life is full of vivid impressions.

Sports has been cultivating good people for thousands of years. And I hope that it will bring up many more generations who will never forget that sport is closely related to health, and health is to the quality of life. I really want everyone to always remember this and forget that it’s sitting around the clock on a computer or TV. So that people become active and always achieve their goal. To reflect on the meaning of their lives and began to take care of their health.

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Composition on “Sports”