Composition “Children’s Dreams”

Our dreams, for the most part, have quite a material background. The earthiness of human thinking does not allow the romance to spread its wings in order to rise above the bustle of the pragmatic world. The essay “My Dream” encourages adolescents to discover and develop qualities such as intelligence and diligence, tolerance and compassion, confidence and justice.

My dreams are very simple and mundane, even somehow inconvenient to voice them. Well, I want a new, more powerful computer or mobile phone. I dream with my school friends to go to the European Football Championship. Also would not refuse with my family to visit the exotic, sea coast. In general, I want everything at once.

But more recently (I grew up that-whether) I had a perfectly fulfilling dream – to become a person. First, it’s embarrassing to be tongue-tied, that is, not be able to formulate your speech correctly. So I began to read hard. The book is a source of knowledge and it helps me to develop the imagination and, of course, the culture of speech. Secondly, I enrolled in the fencing section. Regular training disciplines me and strengthens health. Thirdly, I podnaleg to study, because tired of blushing at the board, causing ridicule of classmates.

Gradually, I grew up not only in the eyes of people around me, but also in my own. School friends always turn to me for advice or an explanation of something, and I gladly help them and, in addition, try to interest them with my hobbies. so that together we could spend more time.

I dream not to be mistaken, choosing a profession, so that in the future it would not only benefit, but also satisfaction. And it is obligatory to become a good person: kind, sympathetic, merciful and just to exchange with other people your spiritual warmth, filling the power of the mind and the joy of the heart.

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Composition “Children’s Dreams”