Composition on Nature

No wonder they say that nature is our mother. She gives us everything necessary for life, although we can not always appreciate her gifts. What could be better than a warm sun, majestic mountains, playful sea, flowering trees in the spring? What are hundreds of thousands of species of animals that we have never seen in our lives! And most importantly, a person does not just use what nature gives him, but he himself is an integral part of it.

We are accustomed to living in a world that we have created ourselves. We live in large houses equipped with high-tech household appliances, we can move over long distances due to transport. Also we can monitor what is happening in any part of the world thanks to the Internet and television. But in any case, we use knowledge of the laws of nature and its energy to create these technologies. And in extreme cases a person can do without all this, like our ancestors and some modern primitive tribes.

But you can not live if you can not

enjoy the fresh morning air, play with a tender kitten, bask in the summer sun, inhale the aroma of roses, see high in the sky the light of non-existent stars. Some may disagree, but it seems to me that we all need these simple joys. No wonder people like to travel to nature, because communicating with it helps them to relax, relax and gather strength to solve important problems in our “human” world.

Afflicts that people, carried away by the development of new technologies, often harm nature. Our activities cause pollution of the environment, climate change, the extinction of plant and animal species. Once it was not very noticeable, but now in big cities there is simply nothing to breathe. It must be remembered that by destroying nature, we make ourselves worse. I like that in many countries people have paid attention to alternative energy sources and ecological modes of transport. In this case, you can not be indifferent – we must save the richness and beauty of nature, only under this condition our existence in the world is possible.

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Composition on Nature