“The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” Hoffmann in brief

“The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” Hoffmann in brief

December 24, the house of the Stahlbaum Advisor of Medicine. Everyone is getting ready for Christmas, and the children – Fritz and Marie – are guessing what this time they will be presented as a gift by an inventor and godfather, a senior court adviser Drosselmeyer, who often repaired watches in the house of Stalbaums. Marie dreamed of a garden and a lake with swans, and Fritz said that he liked the gifts of his parents, which you can play, and make a garden for the godmother can not.

In the evening the children were admitted to a beautiful Christmas tree, near and on which were gifts: new dolls, dresses, hussars, etc. The godfather made a wonderful castle, but the dolls dancing in it performed the same movements, and inside the castle could not be reached, therefore a

miracle of technology quickly tired of children – only her mother became interested in a complex mechanism. When all the presents were disassembled, Marie saw the Nutcracker. The ugly outwardly doll seemed very sweet to the girl. Fritz quickly broke the Nutcracker with a couple of teeth, trying to crack solid nuts, and Marie was taking care of the toy. At night, the children put the toys in a glass cabinet. Marie stayed at the closet, placing her ward with all the amenities, and became a participant in the battle of the mouse seven-headed king and the doll army under the leadership of the Nutcracker. dolls surrendered under the onslaught of mice, and when the mouse king had already climbed up to the Nutcracker,

The girl in the bed woke up with an elbow, cut by a broken glass cabinet. No one believed her story about the night incident. The godfather brought the renovated Nutcracker and told a fairy tale about a hard nut: the queen and queen had a beautiful Princess Pirlipat, but Queen Myshild, after revenge for relatives who had been killed by mousetraps of the court watchmaker Drosselmeyer, turned the beauty into a freak. Now she could only calm down the nuts. Drosselmeyer, on pain of death, with the aid of a court astrologer, computed the horoscope of the princess – the Krakatuk nut, split by a young boy, will restore

the beauty to her in a special way. The king sent Drosselmeyer and the astrologer to seek salvation; and the nut and the young man were found in Brother Drosselmeyer in his hometown. Many princes broke their teeth about Krakatuk, and when the king promised to give his daughter to marry a savior, the nephew went ahead. He cracked the nut and the princess, his suck, became a beauty, but the young man could not perform the whole ritual, because Myshild rushed to his feet… The mouse was lost, but the boy turned into a Nutcracker. The king drove Drosselmeyer, his nephew and astrologer. However, the latter predicted that the Nutcracker would be a prince and the ugliness would disappear if he defeated the mouse king and he would be loved by a beautiful girl.

A week later Marie recovered and began reproaching Drosselmeyer in that he did not help the Nutcracker. He replied that only she can help, because she rules the bright kingdom. The mouse king tried to extort from Marie her sweetness in exchange for the safety of the Nutcracker. Parents were alarmed that the mice started. When he demanded her book and dress, she picked up the Nutcracker and sobbed – she was ready to give everything, but when there was nothing left, the mouse king would want to bite her. The Nutcracker came to life and promised to take care of everything, if he gets a sword – this was helped by Fritz, who recently dismissed the colonel. At night the Nutcracker came to Marie with a bloody saber, a candle and seven golden crowns. I will give the trophy to the girl, he took her to his kingdom – the Land of Fairy Tales, where they got through his father’s fox fur coat. Helping the Nutcracker’s sisters in the household,

Of course, none of the adults believed her story. About the crown Drosselmayer said that this is his gift to Marie on her second birthday and refused to recognize the Nutcracker as her nephew. Papa threatened to throw out all the dolls, and Marie did not dare to stammer about her story. But one day on the threshold of their house appeared nephew Drosselmeyer, who privately confessed to Marie that he had ceased to be a Nutcracker, and made an offer to share with him the crown and throne of the Marzipan Castle. They say that she is still the queen.

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“The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” Hoffmann in brief