What is punctuation in Russian?

Punctuation is a system of punctuation marks and rules for their use.

The word “punctuation” in linguistics is called its section, which studies, first, punctuation marks, and secondly, their arrangement on the letter.

Without punctuation, written speech will merge into a single stream of speech, which will not be easy to understand. And in some cases without punctuation in the text there will be ambiguity. Remember, the notorious phrase “can not be pardoned”?

Punctuation is designed to make our written speech orderly, clear, understandable and clear.

The word “punctuation”. Like a lot of words that end in a nation. is borrowed from the Latin language. The Latin word punctum is translated as “point”.

In Russian, the basic ten punctuation marks. Let’s list them: a period, a comma, a question mark, an exclamation point, an ellipsis, a comma, a semicolon, a colon, dashes, parentheses (round), quotation marks.

Punctuation marks serve to indicate in the sentence and in the text semantic boundaries, the meaning of which is emphasized by the writer. Punctuation marks divide the text into parts – sentences, and within the complex sentences separate, for example, simple sentences from each other or the main sentence from the subordinate, etc.

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What is punctuation in Russian?