Composition is my favorite sport

Everyone has their own hobby. My hobby is swimming. I started swimming classes when I turned 7 and my parents gave me a big sport. Of course, like all children, I rested, because I wanted to spend more time with my friends, and not for everyday workouts. But then time passed, I started earning my first medals, and I really enjoyed the swimming. That feeling, when you go deep under the water and watch a completely different world, is inexpressible.

Swimming helps in many diseases. Basically people are engaged in swimming, to lose weight and distract from depression. In our world, a person everywhere receives a dose of negativity and puts it back inside, and water acts as a healing source. It is able to relax the body and soul. Unlike gyms, swimming is much more pleasant, as if you are not fitting large forces, but you get a colossal result.

At this stage of my life, I would not trade for anything. Many people say that a person who has a sport does not have friends, it is

not. I have friends – my friends in swimming. I feel that water is my element. I am much more accessible than an ordinary person. The swimming develops endurance and good musculature. Man owns his body completely, and this is very useful in life. Sport is a small world, in which there are only those who have not surrendered and who are ready to fight. I am ready to fight for my success further.

I whole-heartedly want to get to the Olympic Games and get a medal, which I and my whole family will be proud of. And I will definitely get it, because I’m confident in myself and I train a lot to be the best of the best. I can say with certainty that swimming is my favorite sport.

Figure skating is a favorite sport

Probably, every child has such parents who first of all want to develop logical abilities in you and begin to drag you along to any tutors, forgetting that for the child the main thing is activity. My were not an exception, so when I grew up my body was weak especially the legs. I did not like sports in all its manifestations, referring to the fact that I was too lazy to perform any active


But one day my girlfriends called me to the ice palace to skate. The first 15 minutes I could not stand on my feet, but the feeling of delight did not leave me all the time. I did not care that my knees were all bruised, I wanted to try again. So three months of winter passed, and I fell in love with the ice, in this sense of flight and freedom. And then I gave my soul to figure skating.

I’ll say right away it’s not that easy, you’ll break a hundred times on the ice before you do the trick you want. But, nevertheless, I liked it all. My legs became strong, my chest also expanded. But the moment when I just realized that my heart is there, on the ice – this is the first performance. A smart dress that starts to shine under the light of the soffits, a beautiful partner… and I’m flying. The audience was delighted, my mother did not expect to see me as another person. I like to shine, I like others showing my skills, and all this gave me figure skating.

I love him and I want to say that figure skating is not for little pretty girls. On the ice there are only the strongest girls who work hard to perfect their skills, not everyone can stand up and repeat it. And even though my sport is called bad for girls, I understand that people say all this with envy, so I do not take offense at them.

My favorite sport is volleyball

From the very childhood I grew up not by the day, but by the hour, as they say in one of the sayings. In the kindergarten, I was the tallest, and at school was not small. My physical education teachers constantly sent me to basketball competitions, which I did not like very much. Basketball is a man’s game, it’s very tough. And with her help, I deserved not the best reputation among the guys. I always wanted them to see me as a girl, not as a friend, just in female guise. And after that I decided to change my life all the same and direct my growth to another direction.

And why did not I ever think of going to volleyball before? There are also girls of high stature. After playing a little volleyball, he really liked me and changed my life for the better. I also stayed in shape, but playing volleyball, you get pleasure and you do not get tired of moving a lot. I became more feminine, and the guys began to perceive completely differently.

I fell in love with this game for giving me a completely different life, new, relaxed, free. I seemed to breathe a new life, and my life turned over in another direction. Of course, self-esteem has risen, probably, that’s why I began to dress not as a boy, I started to enjoy the game and made conclusions for myself that you need to enjoy everything: from life, from communication, from new events.

I advise everyone to play volleyball, as it develops a lot of useful qualities for a person: a good physical shape, attentiveness, clarity in the performance of their actions, etc. volleyball as well as swimming relaxes the body and soul. After the game you feel tired, but it brings you joy and happiness. I really love this kind of sport like volleyball, because he made me a completely different person. The rules of the game are very simple, it connects the team.

I began to notice that if people badly communicate with each other or often quarrel, such a team will never win. Therefore, I try to maintain friendly relations with my comrades. We often walk together, chatting. And on the field it helps a lot, we, as if we read each other’s thoughts and it’s very expensive. That’s another plus of volleyball – you find new friends with whom it is interesting. A person is always needed by a number of people who will support and understand. Thank you for all the great sport.

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Composition is my favorite sport