The problem of true friendship

True friendship is something that brightens the everyday life of every person. And it is good friends that help us to experience brighter moments more easily and easier – difficult.

Reflecting on friendship, DS Likhachev asks the questions: “Who are they – genuine friends? When do they appear in a person’s life?”

The author tells us about his life’s path and the role of friends in it. He opposes his expectations to the next fate. Likhachev, as a young man, thought that, entering into adulthood, he will acquire new good friends, his circle of communication will change beyond recognition. But it turned out that those with whom he became friends during his school years were his most loyal friends throughout his life. This story from the personal experience of the author confirms his position: real friends are those that we acquire in our youth.

I agree with Likhachev. In my opinion, those with whom we are friends at the beginning

of life, help us to go through it all. Such people are true friends.

First, they, having passed with us many trials, know and understand us like no other. An example is the friendship between Pierre and Andrei Bolkonsky in Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel War and Peace. They began to be friends, being young people, full of high aspirations and hopes. Then both had a difficult fate, losses and partings. But after many years, it is Pierre who understands a friend and helps him to look at life with new eyes, gain hope, when Andrew loses faith in the possible happiness after the death of his wife.

Secondly, it is comfortable to communicate with old friends, they can always be confident in them. So, for example, after moving to another city, much has changed in my life and the life of my mother. There was another circle of friends, new friends. But the old, the most faithful and devoted friends, always help my mother, no matter what it takes.

So, friends who appear in their youth, throughout their lives, share with us all the best of luck and adversity. And such true friendship supports everyone on his way.

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The problem of true friendship