Hinduism is the religion of India

In medieval India, Buddhism gave way to a much simpler and more accessible religion – Hinduism. Why did this happen? First of all, because Buddhism denied caste inequality and thus came into conflict with the whole of Indian reality.

Hinduism is at the same time a religion and a great many religions. There are hundreds of millions of gods in it! He idolized everything that can be seen, felt or simply imagined. The most revered gods were unruffled Brahma, formidable Shiva and meek Vishnu. They were perceived as “Trimurti” – a trinity. Each of the higher gods lived several earthly lives. Vishnu, for example, visited the dark god Krishna, a great warrior, a darling of Indian women, as well as Prince Rama, described by the ancient Indian epic Ramayana.

In Hinduism there were sacred mountains, rivers, trees, animals.

Hinduism consecrated castes, retained faith in the transmigration of souls and Karma, on which this relocation depends. The posthumous

fate of the soul he placed in dependence also on the funeral ritual – the burning of the bodies of dead people. With this ritual, the terrible self-immolation of Indian widows was also associated.

From the work of Marco Polo “A book on the diversity of the world”

… When someone dies and his body is burned, the wife rushes into the fire and burns with her husband. Such women are praised to the skies. To tell you the truth, many wives do what I told you now. Here the people pray to idols, and many to the bull. The bull, they say, is the most glorious animal. His meat will not be eaten for anything in the world, and no one will kill him for anything.

Hinduism, like Buddhism, forbade harm to living beings. He replaced the former blood sacrifice with a pilgrimage to holy places, presenting the gods of flowers or water from the Ganges, smoking incense before them. Hindu communities led the Guru, whose authority was colossal. These communities did not enmity with each other. The relations between them and the Muslims after the conquest of the country by the Arabs and the Turks were tense.

Guru is a mentor in the religious and secular life of the Hindus.

Karma – in Buddhism, Hinduism and other Indian religions – the ratio of good and bad thoughts, words and deeds, which determines the subsequent birth.

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Hinduism is the religion of India