An example of intelligence

For me the best example of intelligence is my mother. She grew up in a family where special attention was paid to education. This was a comprehensive development, in addition, my mother was taught the feeling of tact, understand other people, putting themselves in their place. Mom grew up, realized herself in the society as a person, and achieved considerable success in this. But at all times, despite the circumstances, my mother was motivated by the desire: to do so that all was well.

Watching her behavior, I realized that nothing with real intelligence can compare anything. As a sign of education and intelligence, it helps in any life vicissitudes. So, possessing this talent as a gift, a person more free from fears and feelings about the future and the present. Such freedom makes people truly happy and happy with life. In addition, intelligence is first and foremost honesty, sincerity of the heart. Without negative, people are more open to productive communication with all. They understand that there is no perfection in anyone, therefore they do not expect to meet the ideal, but accept everyone with its advantages and disadvantages.

What makes an intelligent person a particularly beautiful person? His ability to understand another, forgive him for any fault, curiosity about someone else’s opinion and recognition of each person’s right to his point of view, even if it differs from the popular or familiar. This does not mean that you need to tolerate permissiveness. No, it is clear to an intelligent person that a society develops, one must try to understand everyone in this society in order to create conditions for a peaceful and happy coexistence.

My beloved mother showed me on her example how to change her life for the better. And I saw people stretching towards her, and for advice, and for warmth. The atmosphere in our house always allowed me and others to feel free, and for this I am grateful to my parents.

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An example of intelligence