Composition on the picture Vereshchagin “Do not zamay – let me come”

About guerrilla warfare, it is often only in books and movies you can find out more information.
But it is still very difficult to imagine how all the people were united in the fight against the common enemy, that he left the house and went into obviously unfavorable conditions of life, into the forests.
Where often there was no possibility to eat properly, to observe hygiene, and even to have a rest.
What for? To the army of the enemy was defeated and the native land soon freed.

The picture of the great painter Vereshchagin “Do not zamay – let him come!”, Just shows the difficulties that fell to the partisan detachments.
Much becomes clear.
For example, how they survived in those early years, and with what else they had to face.
How did the characters depicted in the picture show incredible courage worthy of imitation?

I saw seven people on the canvas.
All of them, judging by their clothes and lush beards,

belong to a simple people who led their usual way of life, earning a modest subsistence for their family.
But here in their already hard life a war broke out, about which no one dreams or asks.
She further drove the people into poverty and stagnation.
But people could not sit at home when the enemy was on the threshold.
All have risen! each took his weapons and went to defend and the Russian land, and his home, and the family, and the king.
And what kind of weapons do ordinary people have? Forks, yes shovels, axes, and fists.
That’s the men in the picture almost unarmed go to the Frenchman.
The only hope is to protect the forests of dense and familiar paths, yes to the trick.
The character who performs in the foreground looks very confident and calm.
In the arsenal of his ax, friends and dexterity.
He knows that with the next fight, the French will not be comfortable using their weapons.
Therefore, he asks his comrades not to scare away and let the enemies in closer.
Perhaps, somewhere in the depths of it is scary, because they came out on a man.
And thus not on one, and on the whole army of the armed and trained Frenchmen.
But the native land, and the Russian nature to help them!

I think that even if they did not manage to defeat all the enemies, and they fell, their death was still not in vain.
She made them happy.
After all, they died for their land, for their faith, for the idea.

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Composition on the picture Vereshchagin “Do not zamay – let me come”