Composition adults and we

Composition “Adults and we” is a Composition on a free theme. The author analyzes the behavior of adults and children and comes to the conclusion that only a discussion of the situation will help not bring the relationship to the conflict. Reading the work “Adults and we”, you understand that a good relationship is possible – but to achieve them, the efforts of both adults and children are needed. Adults and we Composition Conflicts between adults and children arise against a background of mutual misunderstanding. In most cases, this happens when children enter the so-called adolescence.

During this period, children want to be independent, to have their own point of view. Parents are used to protecting the child from a small age, giving advice. But in this period, this attitude to children does not help, but, on the contrary, aggravates the situation. Soviets, how to live, adults bother children, telling how they acted in this or that situation. Children want to have their own opinion and do not want to imitate adults.

And on this basis, there are multiple conflicts. Quarrels, scandals even reach the point that teenagers leave the house. In these situations, you need to sit down, talk, express your point of view and find a compromise.

We must look at ourselves from outside and imagine the situation through the eyes of an adult. Only then quarrels between children and adults will decrease.

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Composition adults and we