My idea of ​​happiness is composition

“The need for happiness seems to me the most noble desire of the human heart.”

Happiness… What is it? Everyone wants to be happy and everyone will give their definition to this state. For someone it’s the achievement of the goal, for another – the family and family relations, for the third – to become rich and famous, the fourth thinks himself so when he feels cool with his peers or communicates with a beautiful girl. In any case, happiness is a positive experience experienced by a person and to understand the emotions necessary for life you need to consider what they consist of. How interesting was Feuerbach L. “Where there is no desire for happiness, there is no desire at all.” The pursuit of happiness is the aspiration of aspirations. “

If you ask yourself what I mean by positive feelings, the answers themselves come to mind. Joy, satisfaction, fun, excitement, tenderness, pleasure… Each of these feelings alone

carries a charge of elation and a desire to experience it more often. After all, any of us wants to understand and respect him, forgive mistakes and help in difficult moments. He wants to achieve professional skills and love in the family, be an interesting interlocutor and much more. And he does everything for this, what he is capable of or what he considers necessary. Often such a desire leads to the directly opposite effect and instead of such a desired happiness, he gets disappointed and hurt.

Therefore, it is so important to understand and answer the question: “What is my idea of ​​happiness and what should I do to feel it?”. I imagined the rain, which is nearing the end, because of the clouds, the sun begins to peer out and its rays create a beautiful phenomenon – a rainbow! We have often admired the brightness of the color spectrum and watched until it melts in the sky. It is the rainbow that is the numerous positive feelings that we experience. And the sun is happiness itself. Warm, big and so necessary to all living. But without the rain there would be no rainbow, and therefore,

without certain efforts and even negative episodes, it is impossible to achieve the goals set. And then the main thing is to choose the right ways and conditions for achieving future successes. “Happiness is pleasure without repentance” – Leo Tolstoy. But even more surprisingly, that there are people who by all indications can not be happy, and they are satisfied with their destiny and experience happiness unseen at first sight. And try to ask why they are happy, in return they will only smile and puzzle their shoulders. And sometimes, you strive for something, but you do not experience happiness.

You catch yourself thinking that the desired goal does not give you a positive state of mind. Even, probably, on the contrary. There comes an understanding of the correctness of the choice of actions on the path of life and that material wealth is only a means of achieving, and the goal itself is the relationship between people. In order not to work as Tadeusz Hizger said: “The desire for happiness in man is so great that it can make many people unhappy.” Happiness has one peculiar feature – if you constantly strive for it, it constantly slips right from under your nose. It seemed, here, a little bit more and you will be at the top. But suddenly there is a new obstacle and again it is necessary to continue climbing upward. “Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you catch it, the more it slips away, but if you shift your attention to other things,

Happiness is a great force that forces us to live and create. We must always remember that you are a human being and act in a human way. Do not judge material wealth, it is one of the spectrum of the rainbow and is very useful for achieving the goals. Do not be upset by difficulties and adversities, they are the same rain, without which you can not see the rainbow and not get warm in the warm rays of the big star. And try to find your understanding of happiness and enjoy every day. “Do not chase after happiness: it is always in you,” said Pythagoras. happiness feeling man

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My idea of ​​happiness is composition