“Honor and Conscience”

For a man, honor and conscience are, above all, his characterizing personality. Honor is worthy of respect, the most noble and valiant feelings and his reputation. If a person keeps his word, does not betray friends, always comes to the aid of the weak, they say “a man of honor”. The concepts of honor and dignity are connected. A worthy person lives honestly, fairly, distinguishes good from evil. Honor and dignity are necessary for the person in those moments when it is necessary to choose how to act.

Conscience is our inner voice controlling actions, thoughts, deeds. For example, I feel calm, contented, because I know that I fulfilled my duty, duty, did not violate moral norms. And sometimes it happens that I’m sorry for what happened, I want to correct the mistake and not make it in the future. And then remorse, guilt begin to bother the mind, and you feel remorse. I think shame is a painful experience of shame before others, and conscience is a shame to oneself, an experience because of an act or said. Conscience makes us think about our actions, critically evaluate them.

Honor and conscience are interrelated, as respecting the rules of honor helps a person to find peace of mind and live in harmony with their conscience.

Honor and conscience. We often pronounce them, but, unfortunately, rarely think about these concepts. Most likely, they are for us only words that have no meaning, used by us only to make their speech beautiful and spectacular. So why are these words the most important virtues of the human soul? These questions excited and continue to excite people. And at all times, honor and a clear conscience worthy of respect were a valuable boon to man. Thus, honor and conscience will not allow a person to commit an immoral act, will help to avoid revenge and resentment.

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“Honor and Conscience”