What can a person do?

A person can cause admiration and at the same time contempt, love and hate, idealize and despise. “Man – this sounds proudly,” Maxim Gorky wrote. So why does a man so often forget about this and why in the world nothing can cause such pain, as, again, a person.

In the whirlpool of life, we often forget who we are. It does not hurt to remind us that we are people. And to remind in the form of a question: “Do you know that you are a person?” – Then do not hear: “People, be people.”

A person must first of all value his life, every minute, every moment. To realize that every moment is unique, that there will never be an opportunity to live or experience something again. If a person treats his life as the greatest treasure, if he learns to appreciate what he has, then he will have the desire to live in such a way that every minute is remembered in some way, so that every moment does not pass in vain. Then he will learn to respect himself, respect the person in himself, and, consequently, strive to live worthily, to live a person.

All these thoughts you can consider in the early works of Maxim Gorky.

A good example of this is “Old Woman Izergil” and “Makar Chudra”. Bitter man valued, some qualities welcomed, or judged. The concept of love is present in all the stories told by Makar Chudra and the old woman Izergil.

It is impossible not to recall the bold, noble youth Danko, who sincerely loved his people. And the true love of a man and a woman is the love of the gypsies of Radda and Loylo.

Gorky creates exclusively characters, proud and strong in spirit, for whom, first of all, freedom. In his romantic works we see people who are ready for a selfless devotion for their people.

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What can a person do?