Summary of “Robinson Crusoe” Defoe

Robinson from childhood dreamed of sea voyages. He was the youngest child in the family, and he did not need rationality. The father, a man of sedate and measured, persuaded his son to change his mind and begin to lead an ordinary modest existence. But the exhortations of the father and mother do not help, and in September 1651 the hero sets sail for London.

From the very beginning of the sea voyage the ship falls into several storms. The ship sinks, and the crew picks up the boat. Such tests do not stop Robinson. In London, he meets an experienced captain who takes him on a trip to Guinea and even teaches maritime skills. Returning to England, Robinson decides on an independent trip to Guinea. But this expedition was very unsuccessful. The ship is captured by robbers. Robinson for two years was a servant of the captain of a pirate ship. The hero decides to escape, together with the boy Xuri, they abduct the boat.

During the voyage they are picked up by a Portuguese ship.

The captain agrees to take Robinson to Brazil. There the hero stops thoroughly, he even acquires a plantation for growing tobacco. But then such a quiet existence begins to remind him of the parental home. The desire for new travels makes Robinson break this pattern.

The reason for the new expedition comes itself, the planters want to get slaves for work. But it’s very expensive to bring them from Africa. Therefore, the ship is loaded into Guinea. Robinson sails on it as a ship clerk. The ship gets into a severe storm, the whole team is dying. Only Robinson throws the uninhabited island ashore.

The first night he sleeps on a tree. On the second day he finds a raft on which the team tried to save and at the cost of the threat of his own life delivers him to the island. The hero also discovers his broken ship not far from the shore, he floats there 12 times behind the most useful things – tools, gunpowder, food, clothing. At night, a new storm does not leave anything from the ship.

The main concern Robinson in the first time is the construction of housing. He finds a clearing, where he builds

a tent. The hero tries to survive in all available ways. He develops agriculture. He hunts goats, and then turns them into pets. Since Robinson is actually lost in time, he makes a kind of calendar out of the pillar, on which he puts a note about every day he has lived. Then Robinson has a fever, he even reads penitential prayer in order to survive.

After the earthquake, the hero carries his hut on the coast, still hoping for salvation from an accidental ship. Then Robinson decides to build a boat to swim to the big earth. He makes a cake for a few months from a big tree, but it can not be put on the water. He sews himself a fur suit, even makes himself an umbrella of rain and sun.

Once on the sand, Robinson discovers a human footprint. This find very frightens him. He suspects that it may be savages who will destroy his house and supplies or eat it. Robinson lives in fear for two years, looks with caution on the sea, it is from there that savages come.

Once the savage cannibals come to the island to tame their cannibalistic triune, but their captive escapes. Robinson kills his pursuers. The saved one becomes a real companion for Robinson. The hero calls him Friday. Robinson teaches him to speak English. According to the stories of Friday, on the mainland his fellow tribesmen live from the sunken ship. Comrades even plan to release them. Plans are violated when savages are brought to the island of Father Friday and the Spaniard for reprisal. Robinson and Friday release them.

New visitors visit the island in a week. The sailors of an English ship decides to kill their captain on the island. Robinson frees them, killing scoundrels. The captain agrees to take Robinson to England. The 28 – year journey is coming to an end. The hero’s parents died a long time ago. He becomes a wealthy man thanks to income from a plantation in Brazil. The hero successfully marries, his son and daughter are born.

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Summary of “Robinson Crusoe” Defoe