Child happiness

Childhood is the happiest time. We always remember our childhood as the happiest moments of our life. However, our parents made childhood for us. Every child dreams of a happy family, of a love for parents. And parents dream to do only the best for their children, give them what they did not have. Parents are the closest people in a child’s life. They are not a substitute for someone else.

Parents do everything for us, and not only in childhood, we are children for them forever. From morning till night my mother is busy with her work, her home, her work. Dad is also busy with his work. And for what it’s all? All this for buying a funny teddy bear, is still “our Happy New Year” until March, to make our birthday a better day and to guide your-most happy. But sometimes a child just wants to spend some time with his mom and dad to walk with them in the park, and listen to his favorite tale. When I was a little girl, in a bookstore, I saw a good book. This is

a small book with children’s verses and funny pictures. And there was a funny girl on the cover of this book.

Mom says that this book is about me. She read it to me every night before going to bed. I’m an adult now. One day, when I removed from my parents, I found this book in the drawer. This book is already 15 years old! Im immediately in my childhood. I remembered how my mother stroked my head and read this book. I fell warm, light, nice. There is one moment from childhood! Childhood made the child happy. This is a world where everything is simple and easy. There is your home, school and friends, you do not have one free minute. The whole world is around you! As long as you are a child, and because you do not think about your happiness, joy in a world that is all, tears, frustrations, laughter, fun.

However, time, as you know, do not stop, it’s so fast! And you are an adult. and you want to stop such wonderful minutes, you want that they will last forever, the happiest childhood turn, and there will be a child forever. – Where to go away from childhood? In what cities is it? And where can you find that means, What draws us back there? It will go unheard of, While the whole city is sleeping, And letters will not write, And it is unlikely to cause. “

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Child happiness