Composition “Spring”

Pictures of AA Plastov cause me to have wonderful emotions and easy emotions. Looking at his work, we seem to plunge into the world in which the artist lived. This is a kind and spiritual world, quiet and calm.

In 1952 AA Plastov showed the world his next masterpiece “Spring”. In the center of the picture is a girl. On her shoulders is a rocker with buckets. She picks up water from the spring and goes home. This is now completely incomprehensible to us the work that needed to be done to bring water home. Modern water supply systems provide us with water 24 hours a day. And in those days people constantly went to the source and carried home a heavy burden. After all, water is needed not only for drinking, but for cooking, washing, washing. It is such a hard job and this cute and fragile girl is busy.

Her white dress harmoniously combines with dark shades on the back of the canvas.

AA Plastov depicts on his canvas a hot, hot day, when the air is standing, and the clouds seem to freeze in the expanse of the blue sky. It is this spring, with crystal clear water, that saves all villagers from such sunshine.

The spring is hidden in a thick leafy part of the trees, so it is cool and fresh near it. How I would like to be there, on a wooden bridge, next to this girl. I would take off my shoes and walk barefoot, enjoy the clean air, drink fresh and tasty spring water. And I’m not afraid that water should be carried home from a spring. Collective and amicable efforts make it much easier and more fun. In those days, people were very friendly, despite the fact that they are friends or neighbors, close or familiar. That would give our people a little of that kindness and friendliness. Perhaps in our time it would be easier and easier to live.

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Composition “Spring”