My hobby is sport

A hobby is an activity that you like to do in your spare time. It has nothing to do with work, but you do it regularly, because you really like it. Often it brings you not only the pleasure of the process, but also the satisfaction of the result. You develop your skills and learn something new.

Hobbies can be creative, for example, singing, playing a musical instrument, drawing or making crafts. Many hobbies are associated with amateur sports, for example, roller skating, skiing, yoga, pilates, dancing, aerobics, swimming. Some hobbies are very useful household activities, such as cooking, sewing or knitting.

As for me, my hobbies are quite different. Fitness is my number one hobby. I like movement and exercise. Usually I have five workouts a week: two workouts in the hall, one streching and two lessons on the dance hall. I do not get tired, because I like what I do. I always have a good mood after intensive training.

My second hobby is cooking. Preparing a delicious dinner is a constant part of my daily routine. Most of all I like Italian and Asian cuisine: pasta, pizza, vegetable and fruit salads, sushi, Japanese soups, spicy Korean snacks and spicy Chinese dishes with chicken or pork.

I also have a musical hobby – I play the guitar and sing songs. True, I rarely do it at home. I often take picnics with friends and I take a guitar with me. We like to stroll through the forest, eat sandwiches and build a fire. Then everyone sits around, I play the guitar, and we sing funny songs.

I think that everyone needs a hobby. It’s more interesting than spending all your free time in front of a computer or TV. Movies and video games are exciting, but hobbies make our daily lives brighter and more diverse. In addition, in most cases they develop our skills and broaden our horizons. They say that the best rest is a change of activity. Hobby for this is just what you need.

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My hobby is sport