Biography of Lev Landau

Lev Davidovich Landau is a scientist, physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize.

He was born on January 9 in Baku.

First, the education in the biography of Lev Landau was received at the Jewish Gymnasium. Then he studied simultaneously in two specialties at the state Azerbaijan University, then transferred to the Leningrad University. In graduate school he studied at the Physico-Technical Institute of Leningrad.

To further increase the academic level in the biography of Academician Landau was possible during his studies in Germany, Denmark, England, Switzerland. He studied physical phenomena while working at the Physicotechnical Institute, the Institute of Physical Problems. The first publications in the biography of the physicist Landau were made in 1926. In 1934 he married K. Drobantseva. In the same year he received a doctorate in physical and mathematical sciences before the defense of the thesis. Lev Landau lectured, taught at many universities.

In 1938 the great scientist was arrested for anti-Soviet activities, the year was in prison. The car accident of 1962 served as an occasion for a two-month stay in a coma, after which Landau left scientific work.

For his biography, Landau managed to make a significant contribution to the development of such areas of physics as: low temperatures, the atomic nucleus, plasma, solid, cosmic rays of quantum field theory and mechanics. In 1962, LD Landau’s biography became known as the Nobel Prize laureate. Such a high award he received for the study of condensed matter, helium.

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Biography of Lev Landau