Biography of William Tilden

William Tattem Tilden – American tennis player, was born in Philadelphia.

In the biography of William Tutem Tilden from the youth, the athlete quickly developed into a brilliant, versatile tennis player. Since 1913, he won several US titles in doubles. Seven times winning the title of US champion, and three times winning the British championship, William began to be considered one of the foremost players in the world. In addition, Tilden won in several other competitions of other countries.

“Big Bill,” as the athlete was nicknamed, was one of the leading players of the national team in the Davis Cup. Main responsibility for the preservation of the cup lay on Tilden until 1926.

In 1931 he started professional tennis. After that, William won two professional titles in singles. In 1945, at the age of 52, the athlete, along with Vincent Richards, won the doubles championship. In addition, in the biography of William Tatem Tilden was written several books on tennis. The works “Aces, Places, and Faults”, “My Story” are autobiographical.

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Biography of William Tilden