Biography of Peter Katsyv

Biography of Peter Katsyv – an excellent example of how a man born in the outback can himself build his life, reach heights in his career, many inaccessible.

Childhood and Education

Petr Dmitrievich Katsyv was born in the Ukrainian city of Slavuta, located in the Khmelnitsky region, on February 5, 1953. He studied well, being carried away, first of all, by exact sciences. As a result, it gave its fruits: after graduation, in 1970, Peter Katsyv easily entered the prestigious educational institution of the capital then the USSR – in MADI – Moscow Road Institute. After graduating, since 1975, he worked all the time in the specialty: first an engineer at one of the Moscow automobile enterprises, then in Mosgortrans. Simultaneously, Peter Katsyv continued to lead and scientific activities, finishing postgraduate studies, and then defending first the Ph. D. and, later, the doctoral dissertation.

Government Activities

From the post of first deputy head of the Moscow Department of Passenger Transport in 2001, he moved to work in the Moscow government, where the command of the governor Gromov was headed by the Ministry of Transport. After Gromov left, Katsyv managed to work with the next head of the Moscow region, Sergei Shoigu, in the department for relations with the federal authorities, which he headed in 2011. From this position in 2014, after the liquidation of the department, Petr Katsyv moved to work at RZD, where he became one of the vice-presidents of the company.


The projects that were organized and implemented under the direct leadership of Peter Katsyv include the construction of the Central Ring Road and the reconstruction of the MLC.

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Biography of Peter Katsyv