Biography of Veronica Orchids

Veronica Orchid – a popular fashion blogger, businesswoman. One of the latest and most successful projects is the network of ORCHID NAILS studios.

Childhood and Education

Veronica Orchid was born into an intelligent family. Since childhood, the girl was surrounded by educated and interesting people who instilled in her love for everything beautiful: art, music, painting. Veronica was a calm, plodding child, loved to observe and cognize the world. At school I showed myself in the humanities, devoting all my free time to music, vocals and dances. After graduating to the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation and successfully graduating from it, Veronika chose Moscow State University as a second higher education, where she graduated from the Psychology Department.

The first steps in business

A strong-willed and purposeful character does not allow her to sit idly by. While studying at the institute, Veronica tried herself

in various areas of business. A focus on result and diligence can achieve certain heights in the sphere of production, real estate, services, beauty. Currently, there are successfully a number of projects, the beginning of which was laid back in the “student years”. One of the latest and most successful projects is the network of ORCHID NAILS studios, which appeared in Moscow in 2014 and instantly won the recognition of the residents of the capital. In her work, the girl always focuses on the quality of products and services. It uses the latest developments and modern technologies. Paying due attention to the selection and training of personnel. In the near future Veronika plans to expand and strengthen the existing business,


Veronica is a popular fashion blogger, has its own channel on YouTube and an active profile on the Instagram @ veronikaorchid network, which has been signed by more than 233 thousand people. The girl shares with her subscribers bright images from everyday life and actively participates in discussions under her publications. New photos with the speed of light fly

over fashionable sites and social networks. She is an icon of style for many girls around the world, daily showing off her flawless taste and clothes from Hermes, Dior, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana. One of the most impressive world collections of Hermes handbags belongs to Veronica Orchid, it has dozens of colors, sizes, models and is going to girl for a long time all over the world.

A family

Veronica is married, a married couple brings up a 5-year-old daughter. The family prefers a quiet and measured life, paying special attention to the upbringing of her daughter. Veronica is fond of photography, fashion history, theater, music and psychology. She adores her dogs, which she has several: chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Maltese lap dog and micro spitz. Veronica does sports, leads a healthy lifestyle, does not smoke and does not drink alcohol.

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Biography of Veronica Orchids