Biography of Bogdan Khmelnitsky

Biography of Bogdan Khmelnitsky

Bogdan Zinovy ​​Khmelnitsky – Ukrainian statesman, hetman, commander.

The first training in the biography of Bogdan Khmelnitsky took place in the brotherly school of Kiev. Then he began to study at the Jesuit College of Lviv. After participating in the Polish-Turkish war in 1620-1621, he spent two years in captivity. Having fled, he joined the Cossack army. As a clerk, he wrote a treaty of surrender in 1638.

Then Khmelnytsky’s biography was followed by military actions against the tsarist troops in the war between the Rzeczpospolita and Russia. In 1648, Khmelnitsky was elected hetman of the Zaporozhye army, although several years earlier Khmelnitsky had already been proclaimed a hetman, but refused.

In April 1648, Khmelnytsky’s army opposed the

Poles. In the Battle of Yellow Waters and Korsun Khmelnytsky won a victory that inspired the entire Ukrainian people to fight with Poland. After that, in the biography of Bogdan Khmelnytsky, Starokonstantinov, Zbarazh, were taken, Lviv was besieged.

In January 1649, when the glory of Khmelnytsky was great, the hetman’s title was transferred to him by the Polish king. After the victory in the battle of Zborov and the transition of the Tatars to the side of Poland, Khmelnytsky made concessions, concluding the Zborov Treaty. In September 1651, after the battle with the Poles and Lithuanians under the White Church, the following unprofitable treaty was concluded. Then, near the tract of Batog, the Polish army was defeated.

For his biography, Khmelnytsky made several attempts to annex Ukraine to Russia, in 1653 the Zemsky Sobor decided the issue in the affirmative. And after the Pereyaslav Rada Khmelnytsky convinced everyone of the need for an alliance with Muscovy, then the confederal union was signed.

Nevertheless, the war with Poland continued. The Moscow Tsar and the Polish king secretly made peace. Following the instruction of a seriously ill Khmelnitsky, he was pleased with the successor to elect the son of the hetman, Yuri.

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Biography of Bogdan Khmelnitsky