Biography of Leon Trotsky

Lev Davidovich Trotsky is a political figure in the communist movement.

Since childhood, Trotsky’s biography has been filled with creativity: he painted, read a lot, he wrote. These hobbies were later used during political propaganda – Trotsky helped to publish the newspaper, spoke at rallies. For which he was arrested in 1898, for 4 years sent to exile in Siberia.

Since 1900 Lev Trotsky lived in the Irkutsk province in his biography. Then he left his homeland, visited England, Switzerland, Germany, France, where he spread the theory of Marxism. Returning to Russia, he supported the Mensheviks in Lenin’s accusations. During the revolution he adhered to a radical position. Then Leon Trotsky’s biography was followed by another arrest.

During the imprisonment he developed the theory of permanent revolution. After the declaration of Trotsky’s eternal reference to Siberia, an active political figure fled. Trotsky settled in Vienna, where he published the newspaper Pravda. Returning to Russia in 1917, in his biography, LD Trotsky joined the ranks of the Bolsheviks of the RSDLP. After another brief briefing, he headed the Petrograd Soviet, as well as the Military Revolutionary Committee.

When the Bolsheviks came to power, Trotsky briefly took up the post of People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs, then the People’s Commissar of Naval Affairs. In 1920, he proposed to depart from the policy of war communism, which led to the deterioration of relations with Lenin. Relations with the country’s top leadership also worsened. Trotsky was deprived of all the posts he held. In 1929 he was expelled from the USSR. Trotsky was killed in August 1940, an attack was committed by NKVD agent R. Mercader.

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Biography of Leon Trotsky