Biography of Martin Amis

Martin Ames is an English writer.

Born in 1949 in the family of Kingsley Amis.

Often, Martin’s written satire is so vicious, sarcastic that goes beyond the framework of the caustic comedy that his father wrote. The style of writing novels by Emis Martin is influenced by the dark aspects of modern English society. Among them: Documents of Rachel, Dead Baby, Money, London Fields, Time Arrow, Information and Yellow Dog.

The collection of short stories by Martin Amis includes the work “Heavy water and other stories.” Among his works there are also non-invented, but, for example, an essay called “The War Against Cliché”, as well as “Koba, generating fear,” a study of the horrors of Stalinism and the attitude of Western intellectuals to the regime of Soviet power.

After discussing his future career with his father, the youngest Amis returns from literary journalism to writing works of art.

His subsequent novel, which is entitled “House of Congresses,” is a powerful fictional memory that interprets similar examples of the monstrous nature of the Soviet gulag and Stalin’s atrocities.

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Biography of Martin Amis