Biography of Ruslan Baisarov

Biography of Ruslan Baisarov

Baysarov Ruslan Sulimovich is a Russian entrepreneur, founder and owner of a number of companies, a former civilian of Christina Orbakaite.

Ruslan was born in the village of Veduchi of Checheno-Ingushetia. In the early 1990s, for Ruslan Baisarov, a new period began in the biography. He moved to Moscow and took up entrepreneurial activities. They organized the company Infant. Then in 1995 Boris Gryaznov rented some premises of the World Trade Center to Baisarov, namely: a restaurant and a bar, a casino, a night club, a sports complex. Having invested in these institutions a large amount, Baisarov continued to develop his business. At that time a terrible attempt was made on him, but a successful and successful businessman did not suffer.

In 1994, Ruslan Baisarov’s biography

became known as the vice president of the Association of Independent Fuel Stations Support. Later, the association was renamed the Moscow Fuel.

In 2003, Baisarov became one of the founders of the company “Rossini Trade Limited”. At the same time, under his leadership were the companies “Salvini Trading Corp”, “Bronson Partners Corp”. In 2009, he became the owner of shares in the oil company Sibir Energy. The company was established in the UK, among other shareholders – Gazprom Neft and the Moscow government. Also Baysarov is the owner and co-owner of many restaurants, cafes, clubs.

For the first time in his biography, Baisarov Ruslan Sulimovich married in 1994. His wife was a model Tatyana Kovtunova, who gave birth to a daughter in marriage, Camilla. And in 1997 Ruslan got acquainted with the famous singer and actress Christina Orbakaite. After a while they began to live together, but they were not painted according to Russian laws, although they were registered according to Islamic traditions. In 2000, in the biography of Baisarov, there was a scandalous incident during the presentation of one of Christina’s albums. Since then, their relationship began to fade and completely stopped in 2003. Christina and Ruslan have a son – Denis, who was born in 1998. In 2003, model Alina Tsevina gave birth to Baisarov’s son Elman.

Biography Ruslan Baisarov again became scandalous in 2009. In September, after the summer holidays, the businessman did not return Kristina Orbakaite’s son. Denis was transferred to another school, and by decision of the Chechen court held on September 15, 2009, the boy remains to live with his father.

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Biography of Ruslan Baisarov