Biography of Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson is an American basketball player and coach, was born in Deer Lodge, Montana.

Phil Jackson spent some time in the national team of the University of North Dakota.

In 1967, the draft picked him the team “New York Knicks”. He began to play in the position of the forward, showing at the same time an excellent tactic of defense. In 1980, Jackson left the team.

After that, Jackson became a coach, revealing another of his talents. In 1989 he became the head coach of the team “Chicago Bulls”. Jackson is famous for his quiet style, elegant way of life, philosophical inclinations, Zen beliefs. His extraordinary success awakened teamwork among the players. Jackson coached the “Bulls” during all the times of the popularity of the team. Then he played with such stars as Michael Jordan, Scotty Pipen. His team six times in the lead in the championships of the NBA.

In 1999, Jackson became the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. There, working with such excellent players as Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Jackson led the team to the two titles of the NBA champions. In 2004, he stopped training the “Lakers”, but the following year he returned again. The books written by Jackson are the autobiography “Maverick”, “Sacred Hoops”, “More than a Game”.

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Biography of Phil Jackson