Biography of Aristotle

Biography of Aristotle

Aristotle is an ancient Greek scholar, philosopher.

Aristotle’s parents died when he was only 15 years old. The first education in the biography of Aristotle was given to him by the guardian Proxena, who carried Aristotle to reading.

Aristotle’s teaching encompassed all the sciences at that time. He was engaged in philosophy, as a set of systems. Aristotle’s ideas covered such areas as sociology, politics, logic, and natural science. Aristotle’s views had a significant impact on the future development of these sciences.

The works of Aristotle can be conditionally divided into three parts, as the scientist himself did. The first relates physics, metaphysics, to the second – ethics, politics, to the third – creativity. Philosophy of Aristotle includes consideration of ontology, epistemology, ethics, politics.

Aristotle’s ontological theory represented physics as a science in which motion arises because of the differences in the strength and energy of bodies. Also in the biography of Aristotle was given the definition of metaphysics, which was based on four concepts: form, matter, reason, purpose.

During the whole life of Aristotle, an impressive number of works were written, among which are logical, physical, biological, ethical treatises.

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Biography of Aristotle