Biography of Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan – American dancer, was born in San Francisco.

In the biography of Isadora Duncan was a great success, when she first created a dance based on Greek classical art. In Budapest, Berlin, London and New York, she was an incredible success. The innovator, the discoverer, freed from the binding movements, she was absorbed in the drama of ancient Greece.

Isadora danced barefoot to the music, which often did not fit the format of the dance at that time. Her costumes depicting Greek blouses are often complemented by multi-colored scarves thrown over her shoulders.

During the entire biography of Isadora Duncan, dance schools were opened in Berlin, Paris, Moscow, London. Brave, active personality, Isadora had a tremendous impact on the development of modern dance. Not for long, from 1922 to 1923, she was married to the Poet Sergei Yesenin. In 1927 the last concert in Paris was given in the biography of Duncan. She died of the fact that her scarf was tangled in the wheel of the car when he drove around Nice.

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Biography of Isadora Duncan