Biography of Voltaire

Voltaire is a philosopher, writer, human rights activist, historian.

Born François-Marie November 21, 1694 in Paris in the family official. Education in the biography of Voltaire was obtained at the Jesuit College. After that, despite his father’s wish, he did not become a lawyer, but started to work on literary activity. Voltaire wrote poignant satirical poems, because of which he was sent to prison several times.

Having freed himself from prison, in 1726 he left for England. Expanding his knowledge of the philosophy, science, literature of England, Voltaire, returning to France, published Philosophical Letters. This work was banned, and the author himself settled in Lorraine to avoid punishment. The next work was also negatively perceived. Once again in his life Voltaire was forced to flee.

First Voltaire left for Holland, and later settled in Berlin. Here the irony of Voltaire also did not find a place, he had to go to Switzerland. Finally, the writer settled, bought three estates, owned several workshops. Voltaire made friends with the strongest monarchs of the world – Catherine II, Frederick II, Gustav, Louis XV and Louis XVI. Among the most famous philosophical works of Voltaire – “Problems of the Encyclopaedia.” He wrote 28 tragedies. For example, Oedipus, Caesar, Mohammed, Semiramis, Tankred. Among other famous works of Voltaire are “Zadig or destiny”, “Candide”, “Orleans virgin”.

The last days of Voltaire’s biography were filled with physical pain – he was dying of cancer. The writer and philosopher died on May 30, 1778.

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Biography of Voltaire