Bylina “Alyosha and Sister Zbrodovichey” in brief summary

The Kiev prince Vladimir is having a feast. Princes, boyars, heroes, Cossacks, burlaks and peasants are sitting at the feast. Having eaten and drunk, everyone starts to brag: who is the “golden treasury”, who is the “broad court”, who is the “good horse”, and the unreasonable brag about “young wife” and “sister”.

Only two brothers Petrovich-Zbrodovich sit and do not brag. Prince Vladimir himself asks the brothers why they do not boast of anything. Then the Petroviches talk about their beloved sister Olenushka Petrovna, who sits in the back room, the superfluous people do not see her and the sun does not bake her.

Hearing this, the hero Alyosha Popovich declares that he lives with Olenushka “like a husband and his wife.” The brothers are annoyed, but Alyosha suggests that they check the veracity of his words: throw a snowball at Olenushka’s window and see what will happen. Brothers do so. Olenushka opens the window and releases a long white canvas from it.

The brothers, having made sure that Alyosha did not lie, ordered his sister to wear a black dress: they want to take Olenushka to the field and cut off her head there. Upon learning about this, the sister tells Petrovic-Zbrodovich that the wife of the elder of them lives with the hero Dobrynushka, and the younger one lives with Peremetushka. The brothers do not believe these accusations and are driving Olenushka into the field. But here appears Alyosha Popovich. He takes Olena Petrovna to the crown, and finally gives the brothers the same accusation about their wives, Dobrynyushka and Peremetushka.

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Bylina “Alyosha and Sister Zbrodovichey” in brief summary