Charles Dickens. Biography

Charles Dickens – the largest English novelist, the author of socio-psychological novels, recreating the way of life, customs and views of the British era of early Victorianism, as well as features of the national character and world perception. A sharp criticism of the shortcomings of a society built on social inequality and the cult of pragmatic “good” was combined in his works with the pathos of affirming humanistic ideals. The style of Dickens is characterized by the synthesis of realistic and romantic, everyday and folklore-mythological elements.

The life of Charles Dickens in dates and facts

February 7, 1812 – was born in Lendport near Portsmouth in the family of an employee of the financial department of the naval department.

From 1817 to 1823, the Dickens family lived in Chetam, where Charles began to attend school. These years he later called the happiest in his life. The end of a serene childhood was put in financial trouble, because

of which the father was imprisoned in a debt, and 11-year-old Charles was forced to work for several months in the factory that produced the vaccine.

1824-1826 – years of study at the private school “Academy of Wellington House”.

1827 – entered the position of a junior clerk in a law firm.

In 1828 – settled a free reporter in the court chamber, and in 1832 – a parliamentary correspondent.

In 1833, in a monthly magazine, the writer published his first essay – “Lunch at Poplar-Vok”, signed with the pseudonym “Boz”.

1836 – published the first sections of the novel “Posthumous notes of the Pickwick Club,” which had great success with readers. In the same year, Dickens married the daughter of a lawyer and journalist J. Hogarth Keith, with whom he created a large family with many children, but never experienced conjugal happiness.

1837-1841 – the famous novels of Charles Dickens are published: “The Adventures of Oliver Twist”, “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby”,

“The Store of Antiquities”, etc.

In 1842, the writer made a trip to the United States, during which he experienced deep disappointment in American democracy and the American way of life. These impressions are reflected in the novel “Martin Chuzzlewit.” Then there was a cycle of “Christmas stories,” the novels “Dombey and Son,” “The Life of David Copperfield, told by himself.”

In the 1850s. – were written novels “Cold House”, “Hard Times” and “Little Dorrit.” For some time Dickens worked as editor of the magazine “Home Reading”, in which he published his own works. After a conflict with the publishers, he founded a similar magazine “All the year round.”

Since 1858, the writer has made public readings of his works. These readings have become a legendary phenomenon of European cultural life.

1860-ies. – worked on the novels “Great Expectations”, “Our Common Friend”, “The Mystery of Edvid Drud”.

June 9, 1870 – died due to a stroke.

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Charles Dickens. Biography