Biography of Nadi Comaneci

Nadia Comanechi – gymnast, was born on November 12, 1961 in the city of Onesti, Romania. Biography Nadia Komaneci is best known as the biography of an impeccable Romanian gymnast at the 1976 Olympics.

At the age of 14, Comaneschi gained international recognition, becoming an international sensation at the Olympics in Montreal. She earned five medals, three of them gold. Nadia has won an irreproachable reputation, always showing superior skills at the Olympics competitions.

Participating in the games of 1980 in Moscow, Comanechi added to her list of awards two more gold medals, three silver, one bronze. In 1984, Nadia left the competition, becoming a judge and coach of the Romanian national team. In 1989, the athlete fled from Romania. Then in the biography of Nadia Komaneci managed to find political asylum in the United States. She settled in Oklahoma, and in 1996 she married the gymnast Bart Conner. In 2001, Comanechi received US citizenship.

Additional information: Her gold medals in 1976 were received for absolute primacy, performances on logs and beams. And the gold of 1980 – for free exercise, log.

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Biography of Nadi Comaneci