Biography of Fyodor Bondarchuk

Fedor S. Bondarchuk – director, actor, screenwriter, presenter, clipmaker, restaurateur.

Born Fedor May 9, 1967 in Moscow in the family of the famous director Sergei Bondarchuk. Fedor’s mother is an actress Irina Skobtseva. In his school days, in his biography Fyodor Bondarchuk did not differ in his special diligence. During the absence of parents, the grandmother – Julia Nikolayevna – was engaged in the education of the boy. She tried to instill in him a sense of beauty. Fedor even graduated from art school.

Followed by military service in the Taman Division. Even during the service, having gone on leave, he got acquainted with his future wife – Svetlana. Married early. Then there were children in the biography of Fyodor Bondarchuk – son Sergei, daughter of Varvara.

He made his debut in the movie in the movie “Boris Godunov”, directed by his father. At the insistence of his father, he went to study at VGIK. There,

Fyodor visited Ozerov’s studio, was engaged in directing and production department. Father Fyodor’s fame brought not only bright prospects. He had to prove: he himself is able to succeed. Training in the biography of Fyodor Bondarchuk was completed in 1991.

Together with Stepan Mikhalkov, Bondarchuk organized “Art Pictures of Groups” – a company that produced video clips and clips. Fedor made clips for the most famous Russian stars: Pugacheva, Orbakaite, Varum, Presnyakova and many others.

In total for the biography of Fyodor Bondarchuk there are about thirty actors. Among them: “Angels of Death”, “Down House”, “Your Own”, “9th Company”, “From 180 and up”, “State Councilor”, “Nine Months”, “I Stay”, “Gloss”. From the last paintings: “Admiral”, “Inhabited Island”, “The best film 2”.

The first directorial work in the biography of Bondarchuk was the short film “A Dream in the Summer Morning.” After graduation, he left the

direction. The next film was shot in 2005 – “9 companies”. This picture received great public attention and high criticism ratings. And in 2008 Bondarchuk made the film “Inhabited Island” based on the novel by the Strugatsky brothers. Produced films “Cinema about cinema”, “Heat”.

Also for his biography Fyodor Bondarchuk tried himself as a TV presenter. On the channel STS was the lead of projects “Armchair”, “Cinema in details”, “You, supermodel”. Fedor is the owner of several restaurants: Vanille, Vertinsky, Bistrot, Paparazzi, Origami.

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Biography of Fyodor Bondarchuk