Biography of Peter Chernyshev

Peter Chernyshev – skater, coach, five-time champion of the United States.

Peter Chernyshev was born in St. Petersburg, then Leningrad, in 1971 in a family of figure skaters. His grandfather Peter, after whom he was named the boy, four times became the champion in solo skating.

Peter Chernyshev is a skater with experience. At first I was engaged in single figure skating. In the 1980s, he delighted the audience with triple jumps, which at that time in the USSR was a rarity. At the age of 18, Chernyshev’s biography showed a passion for dancing.

Then he became the champion of Leningrad, and later showed excellent results in the USSR championship. So in the biography of Chernyshev in a pair with Sofia Eliazova held speeches for the USSR, and then for Russia.

In 1992, he moved to the United States, and in 2001 became a full-fledged citizen of the country. In a pair with Naomi Lang, the figure skater Chernyshev achieved considerable victories. Having formed a duet in 1996, in the first season the pair took the fifth place in the US championship. Then in the biography of Peter Chernyshev five victories took place at the championship. In 2002, a pair of Naomi and Peter participated in the Olympic Games, representing the United States, took 11th place. After that, the famous figure skater took up coaching.

In addition, Chernyshev performs on many ice shows. For example, he participated in the tour along with Naomi Lang “The Golden Ice of Stradivarius”. Even more to increase the popularity of the already famous figure skater Petr Chernyshev was helped by the project “Dancing on Ice.” He, in a pair with Julia Kovalchuk, managed to win the project.

The first wedding Chernysheva was with the figure skater Natalia Annenko. The couple lived together for seven years. At the same time, Chernyshev’s and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk’s relations were widely publicized.

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Biography of Peter Chernyshev