Biography of Roger Maris

Roger Maris – a baseball player, was born on September 10, 1934 in the city of Hibbing, Minnesota, died of lymphatic cancer on December 14, Best known as a man who beat the Babe Ruth record on home runs for one season.

In 1961, 61 home runs were made by Roger Maris. This athlete broke the record of Babe Ruth in 1927. Maris set a new record after a busy season with a long fight in terms of the number of home runs with another player, “New York Yankees,” Mickey Mantle. Mantle made 54 home runs in the same year.

So Maris became the most outstanding player of the American League in 1960, 1961. He was not considered as the main star of the team. Some fans slandered Roger Maris, saying that he can not be compared to the legendary Babe Ruth. Such feelings abruptly disappeared after Hank Aaron broke the record of Babe Ruth.

Maris’ record was discussed for a while until he played 162 games against 154 Babe Ruth. This fact is often called an asterisk in the biography of Roger Maris. In 1991, baseball commissioner Fei Vincent announced to Roger Maris the only holder holding the record, thus completing the discussion. Record Marisa was beaten in 1998 by Mark McGuire, who committed 70 home runs per season.

Additional information: Maris wore uniform No. 9, he beat with his left hand. In 1967, he played for St. Louis, left baseball after the 1968 season. Maris played himself in the small role of the motion picture “Safe at Home”, “That Touch of Mink”. In the film “61” of HBO Marisa played actor Barry Pepper.

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Biography of Roger Maris