Summary “The Tale of Bygone Years”

At the table in a quiet cell the sage creates his own historical writings. The full width of his folio stretches thin scriptures – witnesses of cautious but brilliant thoughts. His gray hair gleams with silver, a bright soul and honor are felt in his glance, his fingers are a tool of noble labor – they are flexible and long. He is the most talented writer, a wise thinker in a monastic cassock, a literary nugget who wrote The Tale of Bygone Years. The summary of the chronicle reveals to us the time in which Nestor the Chronicler lived.

No one knows what his childhood was like. It is unclear what brought him to the monastery, who taught him his life. It is only known that he was born after the death of Yaroslav the Wise. Approximately in 1070 in Kiev-Pechersky monastery appeared the clever young man, wishing to accept obedience. At the age of 17, the monks gave him a second name, Stefan, a little later he was ordained deacon. In the name of truth, he created a testimony

of the earliest sources and a great gift to the fatherland – The Tale of Bygone Years. The summary of the annals should be devoted to that period, which, besides being present in the work, accompanied the author in his real life. At that time he was a very educated man and gave all his knowledge to literary creativity. Nestor the Chronicler helped people to learn more about what Ancient Rus represented in the years 900-1100.

The author of the story “The Temporary Years” found in his youth the time when the princes Yaroslavichi ruled in Russia. Yaroslav the Wise, being their father, bequeathed them to take care of each other, to live in love, but the prince’s trinity nearly broke his father’s request. At that time, clashes began with the Polovtsi – the steppe inhabitants. The pagan way of life pushed them to aggressively claim their rights to exist in a baptized Russia: riots and popular uprisings were instigated with the magi leaders. The Tale of Bygone Years tells about this.

The summary of these political events in the annals concerns the life of Yaroslav the Wise,

the founder of the literary treasury, the first library in Russia. From this and that library the novice of the Kiev-Pechersky Monastery drew his knowledge. Nestor the Chronicler created in times of great change: it was a period of princely and feudal contradictions, which nevertheless failed to break the might of Kievan Rus. Then the capital lived under the leadership of Svyatopolk – greedy and cunning ruler. The poor people could no longer tolerate bondage and feudal exploitation, and in 1113 a popular uprising began. To know was forced to turn to Vladimir Monomakh – Prince Pereyaslavl, so that he took the situation into his own hands. He did not want to interfere in the rule of someone else’s fiefdom, but, watching the disaster of Kievan Rus, he could not refuse the people in the new policy.

In the work “The Tale of Bygone Years” a brief summary of ancient Russian history, the Nestor the Chronicler enriched his experience and added artistic images: embellished the merits of the princes and vilified the unworthy rulers. The chronicle gives a clear idea of ​​where the origins of the Russian land came from, and who became the first to reign. It is noteworthy that in the original the unusually long title of the story explains the summary. “The Tale of Bygone Years” was born when the author was already about sixty years old. The wise and diligent Nestor in the hearts of the Russian people remained not only a monk, but also a gifted thinker who was able to describe in detail and thoroughly the beginning of our journey.

To know where it is, the Russian land has gone. Kievans are now being told that they are “Ukrainians” and should hate Russians. But if they read the story of Nestor, they would not lose their Russian identity. You can destroy any great people, distorting its history, triggering in it a civil war for self-destruction!

Damn, I do not understand. Why ask class 5 to read this??

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Summary “The Tale of Bygone Years”