Biography of Ilya Repin

Ilya Efimovich Repin is an artist, famous for portraits, as well as depicting historical, everyday scenes.

Ilya was born in Chuguev on July 24, 1844. The teaching of painting in the biography of Repin began at the age of thirteen. And in 1863 he moved to Petersburg to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. During the training there he showed himself perfectly, having received two gold medals for his paintings.

In 1870 he set off to travel along the Volga, performing sketches and sketches in the meantime. There the idea of ​​the painting “Burlaki on the Volga” was born. Then the artist moved to Vitebsk province, acquired an estate there. The artistic activity of those times in the biography of Ilya Repin is extremely fruitful. In addition to painting, he directed the workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Repin’s travels through Europe influenced the style of the artist. In 1874 Repin became a member of the Association of the Wanderers, at the exhibitions of which he represented his works. 1893 in the biography of Repin is designated by entering the Petersburg Academy of Arts as a full member. The settlement in which Repin lived, after the October Revolution found himself in Finland. Repin died there in 1930.

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Biography of Ilya Repin