Biography of Donatello

Donatello is an Italian sculptor, painter, main innovator in the art of the Renaissance. The full name is Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi. In those years, the biographies of Donatello, when his creative personality was formed, he worked with Ghiberti in Florence over the bronze doors for the baptistery.

By 1409, Donatello began work on the cathedral. His marble “David” is still a reflection of Gothic forms. But “St. Mark”, “St. John the Evangelist” embodies new humanistic expressions. The work “St. George” is an extraordinary representation of an ideal youth. More important is the accompanying scene “St. George and the Dragon” – an innovative attempt to work outside the perspective system.

Over the next decade, in the biography of Donatello, work was done on the “Salome” scene for the baptistery of Siena, which was completed by 1427. Donatello invented a technique called “flattened”

in which he was able to achieve spatial depth effects. During that period, Donatello created several prophets for the Florentine belltower, including “Zuccone”.

In 1430-1432 Donatello stayed in Rome, having won for this time the reputation of the first sculptor of the Renaissance, interested in ancient structures. Among his images of cherubs in the “Singing Gallery” can be found a reflection of the classic boy. The classical influence for Donatello in the biography is evident in the bronze figure “David” – one of the earliest free-standing denuded figures of the Renaissance.

At the request of Italy, Donatello was invited to Padua in 1443. There he spent about 10 years as head of a huge workshop. He designed a statue of “Gattamelata”, as well as a high altar for San Antonio. On his return to Florence Donatello cut out a very expressive sculpture “Magdalen”, which was very damaged during the flood of 1966.

In recent years, Donatello’s biography has worked on the chair of San Lorenzo, creating magnificent series of reliefs. Donatello was one of the most influential artists and sculptors of his time. A large number of his works are represented in Florence. Also a good selection can be seen at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Two works by Donatello are among the American collections: unfinished “David” and “Madonna”.

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Biography of Donatello