Biography of Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is a great scientist who made a great contribution to the development of physics, mathematics, astrology.

Born in the town of Woolsthorpe, England.

After school, education in the biography of Newton was received at the College of the Holy Trinity at the University of Cambridge. Under the influence of physicists, Newton, while still a student, made several discoveries, mostly mathematical ones.

In the period from 1664 to 1666 he derived the formula of binomial Newton, the Newton-Leibniz formula, derived the law of universal gravitation. In 1668 in the biography of Isaac Newton received a master’s degree, in 1669 – professor of mathematical sciences. Thanks to the telescope created by Newton, significant discoveries were made in astronomy. The scientist was a member of the Royal Court, the caretaker of the Mint.

Newton’s laws are the foundations of classical mechanics. Newton’s first law explains the conservation of body speed with compensated external influences. Newton’s second law describes the dependence of the acceleration of the body on the applied force. New laws of mechanics can be derived from Newton’s three laws.

Newton’s love for mathematics led to the greatest number of his discoveries in this science. So he described the integral, differential calculus, the difference method, the method of finding the roots of the equation.

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Biography of Isaac Newton