Biography of Mary Kay

Biography of Mary Kay

Entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Key Inc., from scratch has built a successful business, opening today new opportunities for women to achieve financial success.

First Career Steps

The largest entrepreneur Mary Kathleen Wagner was born May 12, 1918 in the town of Hot Wells, Texas. Ash, who built an impressive empire of cosmetics, was a pioneer in the world of women entrepreneurs. In 1939 Ash became a sales representative of the company “Stanley Home Products” and, in order to achieve higher sales of household goods, she arranges product presentations. This brings such amazing results that in 1952 she was enticed to another company, “World Gift”. Ash will work for this firm for more than ten years, but will leave in protest to learn that another

of her yesterday’s male students received a promotion and salary is an order higher than hers.

Risk Enterprise

After a bad experience in the role of an ordinary employee, at the age of 45, Ash begins to build his own business. Her company opens in 1963 with a starting capital of 5,000 US dollars. A tanner who, working with the skin of animals, invented a series of cosmetic products for people, she acquires a prescription of lotions for skin care. Together with his son, Richard Rogers, Ash opens a shop in Dallas, the initial staff of which is only nine people. To date, the company “Mary Key Inc.” operates 1.6 million sales representatives around the world.

Due to the entrepreneurial grasp and the philosophy of doing business Ash, the first year of work the company finishes with a profit, and for the second year already sells products not less than 1 million US dollars. And it began all the same as before, when she sold the products of other firms. Ash sells his cosmetics at friendly parties and other social events, on which it is visited. Only your business Ash strive to make special, applying the methodology of motivation of work and not limiting its representatives to the space of the store. She firmly believes in the golden rule: “Treat others as you want them to treat you,”

and lives under the motto: “In the beginning – God, then – the family, and only after that – career.”

Ash sincerely wants everyone in her organization to profit from their own successes. Sales representatives – Ash calls them consultants – buy from Mary Key products at wholesale prices and sell it to consumers at retail prices. They also receive a commission for the newcomers they attracted.

Commercial success

Ash’s marketing skills and her understanding of human psychology make Mary Key Cosmetics a big business. In 1968, the company became a joint stock company, but in 1985, when its estimated value fell sharply, the Ash family redeemed all shares. Its business is thriving to this day, annually selling products, according to the official website of the company, at 2.2 billion US dollars.

And the heart of this prosperous organization has always been the energetic nature of Ash herself. She was famous for her love for the pink color, which is found in everything from packing the products to the Cadillac, which she was handed to the most successful consultants every year. Ash sincerely appreciated her employees and once said: “The main asset of any company are people.”

This approach to business aroused keen interest in the society. She was admired for the strategy of doing business and the results she brought. Ash described her experience in several books: “Mary Kay: the success story of the most enterprising American in business”, “Mary Kay about the ability to work with people” and “Mary Kay: everything is in your hands.”

Personal life

Leaving the position of CEO of the company in 1987, Ash nevertheless continues to take an active part in the company’s activities. In 1996, she founded the Mary Kay Charitable Foundation. The Foundation supports the research of cancer problems and the fight against violence in families. In 2000, the cable television channel “Lifetime Television” calls Ash the most outstanding woman in the business of the 20th century.

Queen of the world of cosmetics Ash died on November 22, 2001 in Dallas, Texas. By this time, the company has already entered the world market, having its representative offices in 30 countries. In the memory of the public Ash will forever remain a man who built a profitable business from scratch, enabling millions of women to achieve financial success.

Ash was married three times, and from her first marriage with J. Ben Rogers, she had three children – Richard, Ben and Marilyn. After the return of Rogers from the army, in which he took part in World War II, they are divorced from Ash. The second marriage, with the scientist-chemist, was short-lived: the husband dies in 1963, just a month after the wedding. In 1966, she marries Mel Esch, and family life will last until the death of Mel in 1980.

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Biography of Mary Kay