Biography of Denny Almonte

Denny Almonte – a baseball player, was born on April 7, 1987 in Moke, Dominican Republic. Best known as the star of the 2001 Children’s Baseball League.

Denny Almonte was the New York player of the Children’s Baseball League from the Dominican Republic, which was the headline of newspapers in 2001. Almonte was a left-handed pitcher in 2001 for Rolando Paulino All-Stars – the team of the Children’s League of the Bronx, New York. In the same year, the team participated in the World Games of the Children’s Basketball League, where 70 miles per hour made Almonte’s deliveries not fouled. August 18, 2001 Denny Almonte showed an excellent game against the team Apopka from Florida, striking out all 16 of his previous games.

His team, consisting mostly of Hispanics from the Bronx, became a darling of the media and earned the nickname Baby Bronx Bombers.

In the biography of Denny Almonte there are black bars. After the competition,

the journalistic investigation published the documents found from the Dominican Republic. They testified that Almonte was born in 1987, and not 1989. This fact makes Almonte too adult to participate in the Children’s Baseball League, where children under 12 are admitted. And at that time, Denny was already 14.

Investigations by the Children’s League and officials of the Dominican Republic found that the boy’s father registered his birth twice. And the second registration reduced the age of Denny by two years. The Children’s League removed Denny Almonte and his team from their tournament tables. And Almonte’s father was forbidden for life to carry out activities related to the Children’s Basketball League.

Further in the biography of Denny Almonte followed the game for the team of the James Monroe High School in New York. There he helped win two championships in 2004 and 2005. Not having received an invitation to the Main League, he moved to New Mexico and entered college there.

Additional information: the Apopka team from Florida later beat Rolando Paulino All-Stars in the final competition in the US in 2001. In this game, Denny Almonte was not a pitcher.

Almonte again began to write newspapers, when in 2006 the “New York Daily News” reported that he married a thirty-year-old hairdresser Rosa Perdomo on October 14, 2005! At this time, Danny Almonte was 18 and he studied at the Higher School.

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Biography of Denny Almonte