Biography of Evgeny Zamyatin

Evgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin is a writer.

Yevgeny Zamyatin was born on January 20, 1884 in the Tambov province, in the town of Lebedyan. The first education in the biography of Yevgeny Zamyatin was received at the local gymnasium. Then, trying to improve his level, Eugene entered the Voronezh gymnasium. This educational institution in the biography of Zamyatin was finished with a gold medal in 1902. Especially interested in Eugene Russian language and literature. Then he entered the shipbuilding faculty, at the Polytechnic Institute of St. Petersburg.

1906 in the biography Zamyatin Eugene Ivanovich brings new hobbies – the ideas of the Bolsheviks. But the graduate of the St. Petersburg Institute was not able to finish the future writer right away, since in 1906 he was arrested, and then sent back to his native city – Lebedyan. Only after returning illegally, he completes higher education.

In a brief biography of Zamyatin as a writer, 1908 stands out. It was then that he wrote his first story. Zamyatin’s second story attracted the attention of critics. Having created several stories after returning from England, Zamyatin organizes a group called “Serapinov brothers”, which included the most famous writers of the time.

Some of the best works in the biography of E. Zamyatin are: “We”, “Trapper of Men”, “On the cake”, “I’m Afraid”, “The Beach of God”.

Since 1931, Zamyatin has lived abroad, mainly in Paris. The writer died there, on March 20, 1937.

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Biography of Evgeny Zamyatin