Biography of Emelian Pugachev

Emelyan Ivanovich Pugachev – leader of the Peasants’ War.

In the biography of Pugachev from 1756 to 1763 took part in the Seven Years’ War. From 1763 to 1767 he served in the winter village of the Don region. Participated in the Russian-Turkish war of 1769. Due to illness, I decided to resign, after refusal I went to Taganrog. He helped S. Pavlov to flee the service, for which he repeatedly lingered and hid. Long wandered around the country, pretending to be a merchant.

Then, having got to Yaitsk, he decided to call himself Tsar Peter III. He collected the Cossacks, as well as other supporters. After the Chernorechenskaya fortress was taken, Kalmyks, Bashkirs, Tatars began to join the army of the “sovereign”.

From October 1773 to March 1774 Pugachev’s uprising in Orenburg lasted. Nevertheless, the city could not be taken. During the second period of the peasant war in the biography of Pugachev, some successes were achieved in the Urals. Then the rebels entered Kazan, but were again defeated.

Emelian Pugachev fled to the Volga, where his army was easily reinforced by serfs. During this period in 1774 Saransk, Kurmysh, Altir were taken. Then in the city of Tsaritsyn Pugachev’s army was defeated, and he himself was soon arrested. So the insurrection of Pugachev was finally suppressed, in January 1775 he was executed.

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Biography of Emelian Pugachev