Biography of Elena Chekalova

Biography of Elena Chekalova

Elena Lvovna Chekalova is a journalist, television presenter, wife of Leonid Parfenov.

Elena Chekalova is known not simply as the wife of the famous TV presenter, but as a woman who has covered all of her culinary abilities. She is able to bring from the screens not only a dry recipe for an expensive overseas dish, but to adapt it for her compatriots, whose income level remains low.

In her childhood, Elena Chekalova dreamed of becoming a teacher in her biography. Her expectations came true for a very short time: she did not teach for long. But Elena found her calling in something similar: from the TV screen she teaches people correctly, and most importantly – it is tasty and useful to cook.

Higher education in the biography of Elena Chekalova was received at the Moscow State University. There she studied at the philological department. After graduating from university, began to work as a teacher in the school, she taught Russian and literature. Later I became interested in journalism, and plunged into this work with my head.

At first Elena worked in the newspaper “Soviet Culture”. Then in 1987-1988 in the weekly “Moscow News”. Also the biography of Chekalova is known as cinema and television criticism. Elena likes to cook for a very long time. When she was offered to lead a rubric about food in Kommersant, she gladly agreed.

In 1987, Elena married Leonid Parfenov, who was just starting his career. She became not only a reliable support for him in family affairs, but also a counselor and an assistant. In 1988 the son Ivan was born in the family, and in 1993 – the daughter of Masha..

Together with Leonid, Elena released a book with notes on television: “We are returning our portrait.”

In addition to culinary art, Elena is fond of design. Her design with her husband’s dacha was made according to their own design. Also, among the passions of the leader – travel.

Since 2009, Elena Lvovna Chekalova in the biography leads the column “Happiness is” in the program of the First Channel “Good Morning”. And in March 2010 Elena became the leading full-fledged program “Happiness is.”

The main principle of Helen Chekalova in food is not to stick to diets, but to eat in small portions. He likes French, Italian, Georgian cuisine.

Biography of Elena Chekalova