Biography of Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas is a French painter, sculptor, born in Paris to a banker’s family.

Despite the fact that originally Edgar Degas studied law in the biography, he left this occupation for teaching painting. Degas studied at the School of Fine Arts, and then in Italy, copying well-known masters of the 15th, 16th centuries. A gifted artist was considered a brilliant, refined, soulful portraitist. For 6 years he represented his works in the Salon, but after that he was exhibited along with the Impressionists, whose work Degas admired.

An unflagging perfectionist, Degas tried to combine classical art directly with Impressionism. Developing his skills in linear traditions, Degas combined with impressionism the directness of expression, interest in depicting modern life. Favorite subjects in the biography of Edgar Degas were dancers, women in furniture, coffee shops, scenes of racing.

He took notes, sketches from living models during movements to save the unofficial actions, poses. It was with such developments that he began to work in the studio, and not directly from nature, as his contemporaries did. Moreover, for his biography Degas Edgar introduced several bold innovations. Under the influence of Japanese artists, as well as photographers, Degas moved away from the traditional ideas of a balanced arrangement.

He showed occasional glances, off-axis objects, unusual angles, carefully and carefully arranging everything. Sometimes Degas created an outstanding balance, giving special weight to the focus, “Foyer of the Dance”.

Little by little in his biography, Degas departs from oil painting, possibly due to loss of vision. His sculptural works include several delightful images of dancers, horses. A lot of paintings and sculptures by Edgar Degas can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum. Some of his outstanding works, for example “Absinthe, The Rehearsal”, “Two Laundresses” are in the Louvre.

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Biography of Edgar Degas