Biography of Stephen Segal

Biography of Stephen Segal

Actor Stephen Sigal is known for his roles in action films, as, for example, the hit 1998 “In a Siege.” He studied martial arts in Asia and opened an academy in the United States.

Early years

Actor and martial artist Steven Seagal was born April 10, 1951 in Lansing, Michigan. A mother, nurse, and father, a teacher, give their son first to Orange County College, and then to Fullerton College, California. At seventeen, Sigal travels to Japan, where he teaches English, studies Zen Buddhism and improves in the martial arts, soon receiving a black belt for aikido, karate, judo and kendo.

Roles in action films

Segal spends 15 years in Asia, where he studies oriental philosophy and, from time to time, takes up staging scenes of fighting with the use

of martial arts, working with stars such as Sean Connery and Toshiro Mifune. Returning to the US, he opens a martial arts academy and becomes a personal bodyguard of celebrities, including Kelly LeBrock and Hollywood agent Michael Ovitz: Kelly will soon become his wife, and Michael will help in the work on Warner Bros. films.

His first film “Beyond the Law” fans of the fighting genre take heat. This success in the future will lead to the emergence of such hits as “Death in spite of” and “In the Siege,” his most famous film to date. The directorial debut of Segal “In the deadly zone” is becoming a big disappointment. It will be followed by two more director’s works in the genre of the action movie: “It is ordered to destroy” in 1996 and “Patriot” in 1998.

Another life

In addition to his stellar life, Seagal attracts the attention of the press and the life of personal, complete questions and mysteries. Suspicions in relations with the CIA are confirmed not only by his own vague hints, but also by interaction with freedom fighters for Tibet. In 1997, Segal admits that he received a tulku dedication – the reincarnation of a Buddhist lama – from His Holiness, Penor Rinpoche. Despite his skeptical character warehouse, Stephen always

invariably followed the teachings of Buddhism.

In 2013, public attention is again distracted from his appearances on the blue screen, this time thanks to Sigal’s connection with the head of the Chechen Republic Ramazan Kadyrov. Over this year, Segal meets twice with this highly controversial politician, accused of abducting and torturing Islamic rebels and their families. One of the meetings with the head of the administrative unit of the Russian Federation takes place directly at home with Kadyrov, at his residence in the Chechen capital of Grozny. In October of the same year, Stephen again travels to Chechnya, where he is seen at a gala concert dedicated to the 195th anniversary of Grozny.

Personal life

From 1975 to 1987, Seagal was married to Miyako Fujitani. They had two children: actors and models of Kentaro and Ayako. From the second marriage with the model house “Dior” Kelly LeBroke Steven has two daughters, Annalisa and Arissa, and son Dominic. In 1996, the couple divorced. He also has one more daughter, Savannah, from the connection with the former nanny of his children, Arisse Wolff. In 2009, Segal married again. The name of his new chosen one is Erdenetuya Batsuh.

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Biography of Stephen Segal